If you were to go around ask people where wellbeing comes from, you'd likely get a variety of answers. Fulfilling relationships, diet, mindfulness, fitness, a secure career, following your passion... the list goes on.

Where do you think wellbeing comes from?

Since we start off with the premise that the conditions of our life contribute to or take away from our wellness, why is it that we can never really get these conditions right? There's always something off. Something missing. Whether it's something at work that isn't quite right, something wrong with the brain, something wrong in relationships. Underlying most of our experience of life, there is always this feeling of 'not quite being there yet'. It's only this that feeling of deep sorrow gets projected into a seemingly million different causes.

But all these outward causes are merely branches of one root. And as that root is fixed, the branches appear beautiful. As we find the actual source of wellbeing within us, all the details of life, and the challenges we face, are experienced with a profound sense of ease.

Wellbeing, fundamentally, is a harmonious mind. A mind that's moving in tandem with the whole of creation. When there is one movement, there is an experience of wellness, tranquility. There is no conflict.

Rather than being esoteric, this is as practical as it gets. In fact, it's totally inversed. While we spend our time trimming branches hoping life will eventually get better, we innocently ignore the root. We attempt to fix an inward problem outwardly is impractical.

Inward tranquility does not necessarily imply outward tranquility. We don't need to retreat from our triggers. We can be dealing with work, writing, talking to customers, cooking, or cleaning, but there is no sensation of inner conflict.

How does one attain a harmonious mind?

This is a very difficult and complex question that has been speculated by many. People have come to the table with different theories, different practices, nearly all of which only provide people with temporary and marginal relief.

In the end, however, it is simple. We are made of wellness. We are made of peace. It's the very fabric of our being. And it's only a mind in conflict that temporarily believes that it can be something else.

This can be said, repeated, agreed with a thousand times. In needs to be seen, not just intellectual but with the whole of our being.

The reason why none of these aforementioned approaches have worked is because their foundation operates from a false premise. The premise being that the self, which is in conflict, can find a way out of its conflict. It cannot. This needs to be thoroughly flushed out and seen as an absolute fact as clear as we see the sky - not simply agreed with, but fully seen. Once then can there be any room to having any kind of recognition of our timeless nature, which is ultimately well.

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