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The Tree of Wisdom

While we pitter patter as humans on this planet, our problems take on specific forms. Maybe a particular person bothers us, a financial fear crops up, a physical ailment, and so on. If your life is like a tree, each leaf can represent a certain aspect of it. A specific situation that doesn't seem to […]

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How I Meditate

Over the last few months I've had a few people enquire as to how (and if) I meditate. I really like this question because I feel that how one meditates says a lot about what beliefs they hold about how they understand themselves, and about what philosophies or practices resonate with them. As someone who […]

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Split Mind

Before I jump in, I just want to make something clear. Many people I talk to about this stuff perceive it as "intellectualizing". It's the furthest thing from it. What's intellectual about a paradigm shift that allows you to live life with a depth of peace and wellbeing that was previously considered impossible? It only […]

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In my awakening post, I spoke about how what brought about the experience was fundamentally a state of true listening. I'd like to expand on true listening. I'll describe this using four levels of listening. The first level of listening is superficial listening. This is what most of us do in conversation. We listen from […]

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My Awakening Experience

Most of the time, I write about ideas (or rather transcending ideas). Today I thought I would just talk about my experience from a subjective standpoint about what happened to me a couple of years ago. For those that don't know, it was like some sort of awakening experience, a really profound shift in consciousness […]

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A friend of mine was telling me a beautiful story of her friend's mom who is affected by dementia. This story fascinated me because I thought it was such a great example of seeing. For pretty much all her life, she would spend the evenings watching TV to pass the time, but because of the […]

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Thoughts of guilt, anger, and fear are like dampness to mold, eating away at peace, tormenting the mind. Forgiving and loving thoughts dry out the mold. But an insight is like the sun, and in one instant restores the mind completely to peace.

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