My name is Peter Adrian and I help people live with a greater sense of peace in their day-to-day lives.

$60 CAD (~45USD) per session

About Peter and Life Coaching ...

My desire to become a coach started when I realized something so profoundly life changing, I immediately knew it was my life’s purpose to share it. The kind of life coaching you and I will do will not necessarily involve brainstorming a vision and creating a plan, but rather exploring principles that make up our experience of life.

Here’s how people tend to benefit from this type of coaching:

  • Newfound ability to tap into a state of clarity where you can easily overcome life’s challenges.
  • Increase access to your intuition and creative capacity.
  • Richer, deeper, and more consistent experience of wellbeing.

My approach is based on an incredibly simple yet profound understanding of how the mind works to experience reality, which, in my opinion, is best articulated by something called the Three Principles.