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Waking up from the Dream of Thought

Our true nature is a heavenly state-of-mind – joy, fulfillment, wholeness, higher guidance.

It just doesn’t seem that way sometimes because we have the power to live in our own personal reality made of thought. Our thought-created reality feels so real to us that we really believe it’s true. While we’re dreaming with thought, there seems to be a million reasons to justify our feelings of lack, of being broken. We get caught up in the dream of thought and think it’s reality.

This can show up in so many different ways, relationship problems, body issues, money and career issues. Every issue at its root is thought. Thought is spiritual. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. And this is what we’re here to do, to turn away from the dream of lack and look up towards to the spirit where we remember who we are with all our freedom and unlimitedness.

All we need to do is see it’s just thought. It’s like waking up out of our own personal dream of thought. We allow the dream to fade away, and as it does we fall back into our spiritual nature in this present moment, which is pure light, pure joy. From that state of mind, there is an effortlessness to life.

Do you want to feel joy?

Do you want life to be easy?

Do you want to experience a life of never-ending miracles and grace?

Do you want to be able to rest?

We all, deep down, want this. We all have a call to joy. We just have different conditions, depending on our dream, on what needs to change about the world before we can experience it. Some people feel the need to fix their body, some people feel the need to change jobs, some people feel the need to change the government. All of those are illusions, mirages, distractions created by thought to keep you from seeing that it’s all thought and waking up back into who you really are!

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