Peter Adrian

Helping you live a happier life.


I want to bring to everyone's awareness that any one-to-one with me has absolutely no cost.
Our source radiates love, joy, and beauty. It is infinite and we are never lacking, ever. But how could I teach that and also require money?
All possessions fade into nothing, but for each person that realizes the infinite source within, a whole world is transformed. And like candles that only spread, each person's awakening, simply by being awakened, awakens others. It ripples through space and time, influencing the course of humanity millennia beyond my lifetime.
This is an unconditional offering. This beautiful energy entered my heart freely and wants to extend to yours freely so that you may remember that there is a living source in you. A source from which a beautiful energy emanates unconditionally and forever.
So I'm inviting you to reach out if you're:
  • Struggling with something and want some insight
  • Wanting a deeper experience of peace in your life
  • Just feel a tug
Everybody is welcome.