What is the easiest or most direct technique for you to let go of your thoughts?

What is the easiest or most direct technique for you to let go of your thoughts or sensations or feelings, how do you let them just flow without the mind or ego interference in “trying to do it”?


Hey Rosa, thank you for your question!

At a certain point, as we move from egohood to spirithood, we begin to see that ego-thoughts are the really the only thing between you and the joy of God. What a relief! All of our problems have been reduced to wispy thoughts of nothingness. But how we make those pesky thoughts go away? It’s as if we’re really close, right at the door of the spirit, and the last question is, “how do I open it?”

My one-liner is that it opens by itself. But let’s dig a little deeper into that.

When we become aware of ego thoughts and the role they play in taking away our happiness, it’s tempting to play the part of shooing them away when they come up. We take the role of the janitor for our minds. It seems like it’s our duty now to sweep away the ego thoughts that come up and only let the good stuff in. This can be quite taxing actually, as you have probably noticed. It seems like there’s just ego thoughts and ego thoughts and ego thoughts, and the more you try to let them go the more they come up.

Seeing that it’s just an ego thought is helpful because you see that it’s not a situation, it’s only something happening in your mind. But then we mistakenly try to fix our mind, fix our thoughts. The healing comes from above.

Living in a state of pure surrender involves nothing on your part. This is spirit’s goal for you, to understand that you have no role whatsoever. That you can actually lay back, rest, and just enjoy the show as it unfolds. You don’t even need to look after your thoughts, because spirit is doing that for you.

Imagine a ladder of ‘things we think we need to do to be happy’ in relation to our level of consciousness. When we’re at a low level of consciousness, knee-deep in the ego, we think we need to spend our energy focusing on taking care of all our worldly needs. As we move up the ladder we realize that our worldly needs are taken care for us through divine providence.

And so as we move up the ladder, the things that seemed necessary to take care of become obsolete. You don’t need to look after your finances when you know the spirit supplies you with everything! You don’t need to worry about them, at all!

‘Letting go of ego thoughts’ is just the same. This what trips a lot of people up. It’s like you’ve reached the end of the road where the ego really just needs to take hang up its hat. Because it’s actually the ego that’s trying to let go of the thoughts.

You are not in control of your thoughts! (that’s a good thing).

We are afraid of emotional discomfort and pain, and we think that because we’ve found the answer is thought, that means if we can control thought, then we can live a happy life. But that’s not happy enough. That’s not the happiness that spirit wants for us. Spirit wants us to experience absolute happiness, freedom, and relief. When we think it’s our job to get rid of thoughts, that’s actually quite anxiety-provoking, because it requires you to be constantly on edge. That’s not God’s will for happiness for you.

Think how weird it is that God would have said, “here’s a lovely world for you to experience, but I included some ego thoughts just to keep you on edge. You have to let go of these.”

Remember to your anxiety at the ego-level consciousness of having to make enough money, worrying about health, diet, and sleep? It’s actually the same anxiety, the same ‘there’s something that needs to be done’ applied to spiritual ideas. Now instead of being aware of people trying to break into your home, and of diseases you might catch, now you’re applying that same fear and anxiety to thoughts. It’s not any different, fundamentally.

Really thought is something that automatically lets go of itself when you leave it alone.

Imagine as the janitor, there’s a leaky roof, and so there’s a puddle on the ground. An ego-thought puddle. But there’s also a drain hole in the floor. And so you might think the water is accumulating, but if you look, you’ll see it’s also draining. Just wait and see, you’ll begin to understand that the drain hole is doing its job perfectly, and you don’t need to clean up anything.

And so thoughts seem sticky. You try to shake them off but they won’t come off. In reality, they’re slippery. The only seem sticky because we make such a big deal out of them which makes them stick around. Without you actively focussing on them, trying to deal with them (that includes letting them go), you open to a river of intelligence that restores your peace of mind. The trick is to not get confused and believe that there’s some sort of special action you need to take to let them go, some technique or whatnot.

Spirit washes everything away for you, leaving only peace. Spirit does the healing, not you. It’s automatic. It comes from above. It’s really a matter of finding a quiet space within yourself and resting in that peace.

Spirit has its own momentum. It’s the only momentum. It’s the force of life, and it’s loving. It does all the heavy lifting. It’s like the wind blowing away the clouds. You don’t let go of the clouds. They go away by themselves. Spirit lifts you up. It happens completely on its own.

Here’s are lyrics to a song that happens to be playing right now, which explains it better than this article.

Oh, how quickly I come undone
Like melting ice on the sun
Why would that stop when I’m falling free

Miami 82 (Kygo Remix) by Syn Cole

Don’t you want to become undone? And melt in the sun? I sure do.

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