Some feedback from my wonderful clients

Peter is awesome! Not only did our sessions help my business, but they helped me to grow as a person. I’m so thankful for Peter and would recommend his insight to all of my clients! THANK YOU PETER! I can’t wait to sit down and chat with you again!
Sherri Moore
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Peter is a thoughtful, skilled and creative coach. He always works to make sure all my goals are met and exceeds all expectations of our sessions! He incorporates personal and business skills, making our sessions feel truly unique, which helps me and my business ensure success. The amount of growth I have been able to see from session to session is something that is remarkable beyond words. I would highly recommend him for all your coaching needs!
Mel Sorokolit
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Pete’s outlook on life is refreshing and for myself talking with him is always a pleasant way to reflect on my current habits and routines wether they be positive or be hindering my best self. As my business grows I don’t always maintain good lifestyle priorities. When I see Pete he is good at helping me determine what is really important for one’s happiness. I would recommend him for sure.
Ali Alamolhoda
Osa Construction Ltd.
Peter is a kind and calm person with a gentle soul. He was able to help me profoundly with a few simple shifts in my thinking. He was able to move me from constantly thinking there were things I needed to fix about myself, to allowing me to get to the root cause of my suffering. Since working together I've been able to find more peace, and help others with their suffering. Peter listened to my circles of thought and was able to pull out the points that needed to be addressed, pushing me towards new understanding. In conjunction with the other work I'm doing in my life, I feel well on my way to living a more present and genuine life. Many thanks to Peter and good luck in his journey as a coach!
Jenn Elaine
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