Spiritual Guidance

Living a guided life is foreign to the ego, and can even seem crazy. The ego believes that the world is disconnected, that our minds are constrained to the circuitry of our brain, and that there’s really nothing more than what meets the eye. The more we touch the realm of the spirit, however, the more we see that this idea of separate minds is no more than a dream.

All of Life is happening in One Mind. This is a mental journey. What appears to be a world outside, a physical world, a world that you perceive with your senses and appear to inhabit, is no more than consciousness or awareness taking up a particular appearance – like a divine dream. Because all of life is happening within one mind, there is a unified intelligence to all of life, and your mind is a part of that, intimately connected to everything and everyone.

This unity is created in divine love. As such, you have access to a sort of loving infinite wisdom. This infinite wisdom is guiding you all the time, and the more you understand how it works and trust it, the more miraculous and beautiful life seems to become. The more synchronicities you experience, the more everything seems to be provided for you just when you need it.

Guidance is very personal, it meets you at the level you are at, but it’s helpful to be able to discern true guidance from the ego masking as a guide.

The easiest way to tell them apart is by how you feel. Do you feel at peace, do you feel joyful, do you feel well? All of those positive qualities are like a barometer, letting you know you’re in the flow of this infinite wisdom.

A quasi-ego guide will tell you to do something ‘or else’. It wants you to look into the future for salvation and happiness.

When you don’t feel joyful, you are entertaining ego thoughts. There are no exceptions to this! Only convincing illusions of thought.

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