Money: Security or Enslavement?

At some level, we all know money is meaningless without the meaning we attach to it. Money is actually nothing without the agreement of our society. It’s just pieces of paper, or a number on a computer somewhere in a server.

It’s amazing how changing a few numbers, a handful of 1s and 0s, somewhere in a hard drive of a bank account, can seem to create an enormous change in someone’s life.

The idea of winning the lottery and or making it big seems to be the salvation of many struggling to get by. It’s as if in the blink of an eye – before anything even materializes, before the money is even deposited into the bank – the mere idea that life is going to look a lot better, and be easier, causes an extraordinary amount of relief and excitement.

No more struggles. No more living to work. No more feeling like a slave. Finally free. Free to do anything and everything.

I’m addressing the many different roles money has played in my life, and how a perspective of love, trust, and wisdom has changed the way I’ve seen money.

  • Monkey Madness (a dream that covers the basis of fear)
  • Money as an Escape
  • Money for Freedom
  • Money for Security

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