Fulfilling Intimate Relationships

Our relationships seem to be a cause of so much joy, but also so much misery. Our wellbeing might as well be tied in with our partners, our coworkers, and the people that surround us in our day-to-day lives.

In order to live in happy relationships, we need to move through our own insecurities, and fears. Some of our beliefs need to be examined and released. The process of doing so helps us stay grounded in ourselves and feel at more at peace, which in turn allows us to experience more intimacy in our relationship.

For one, the belief that another person can make you feel a certain way. From the ego’s perspective, a fear-based mindset, it seems as though other people can make you feel upset. Something someone did to you, or said to you can cause you to feel a certain way. While it seems true in the moment, what we find is that as we move into spirithood, it becomes clearer and clearer that only our own mind can create a change in our state of mind. The meaning we ascribe to what they do or say is what makes us feel a certain way.

This means that while it seems like someone may be upsetting you, the truth of the matter is that it is only your own thoughts that are upsetting you, or rather how you’re choosing to see a certain situation.

In the following pages we’ll explore how to have a deep and satisfying relationship, one that is based on joy and intimacy rather than anger and disharmony through opening up to our spiritual nature.

  • Connecting with someone is connecting with yourself
  • The feeling of intimacy is a foundation that cannot be broken, only hidden
  • Should we stay together or break up?

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