Can the body hold trauma?

Can the body hold trauma? Is it possible that you don’t remember a chunk of your past and maybe with hypnotherapy or other therapies you do?

– Ana

The body can’t hold anything because it’s no more than an idea of yours. It can only seem to. Your belief in the idea that it can hold something is what makes that experience feel real to you. But it isn’t real. It’s another illusion of thought. Bring it all back to the source, which is the mind, this is the cause of your experience.

And the effect can’t leave the cause. The effect meaning the form (or what seems to be the form) including the body. Meaning your thoughts don’t leave your mind and become ‘real’ outside of it. Just look and see for yourself.

Imagine if you could think a thought and it could leave the mind that thought it and become something outside of it. Crazy! Nothing that the mind conceives can leave it and hold its own reality apart from the mind which conceives it. Nothing can leave your mind!! Everything that seems real is just a whisp of thought with no charge or any kind of reality to it.

This means you need to take ownership of your experience… What appears to be happening in the body is just happening in the mind. And you deny the mind as being the source. It’s as if you’re hitting yourself with your hand and then telling yourself your hand has stored trauma!

The idea of trauma as being stored in the body sits on a false premise that your ideas have a life of their own. Have you noticed everyone who’s on a journey of healing seems to be a continuous healing journey with a never-ending supply of trauma to be released and purged? They never get healed! It seems like a forever process.


Because they have cause and effect confused. They are creating the idea of trauma in their mind and falling for its effect in form, believing themselves to be perceiving a reality rather than just experiencing what they think is there.

It’s like playing with shadow puppets, and you think the shadow puppet is real. In reality, it’s just your hands. So your hands do all these shapes and then you think the shadows you see on the wall are real. They’re not! They’re shadows. Trauma is a shadow of the mind that thinks trauma is real.

The body can’t hold trauma anymore than your bank account can hold trauma. It’s altogether neutral and it has no cause or reality in and of itself.

Take responsibility for the belief that there is a cause outside the mind, bring it back to the mind, let it go. Let it be washed away. The moment the thought washes away you’ll feel a wave of relief and a knowing of “I’ve always been here”. The perfect stillness within that’s untouched and resting in perfect peace.

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